Featured Acts

3 Dudes Improv (HK): Forged in the mines deep below the Forbidden Mountains, from tempered steel and with ancient powerful magic long forgotten by man… no, wait… I think that’s from a movie… we’re talking about 3 Dudes Improv here! 3 Dudes Improv is 3 dudes (hence, the name) and a lovely lady accompanying on keyboard. We explore long form improv at the TakeOut Comedy Club in Hong Kong, based on audience suggestions. 3 dudes… 1 show… more characters than you can shake a stick at. https://www.facebook.com/3DudesImprov

People’s Liberation Improv (HK), founded in 2007, is a Hong Kong-based English-language comedy improvisation troupe. Its comedy improvisation shows consist of several scenes made up on the spot (yes, honestly!), prompted by audience suggestions about household objects, historical characters, film styles, locations, relationships, dilemmas, crises and unfortunate personality quirks. The group’s motto is: “You say it, we play it!”  PLI is the host team for the annual Hong Kong International Improv Festival, and has also participated in festivals in Beijing, Seoul and Manila. PLI usually performs on the first Friday of every month, and sometimes other dates too, at the TakeOut Comedy Club, the first full-time comedy club not only in Hong Kong, but in Asia. http://www.peoplesliberationimprov.com/

Beijing PLUS ONE (+1) Improv Troupe was founded in 2011 and ever since its birth has been increasingly active in the improv circles of Beijing. Its creative performances, sometimes featuring elements of singing and dancing, have drawn large audiences who have given very positive feedback. PLUS ONE now has a team of eleven members, of whom five are indigenous and six expats. All of our members have been extensively exposed to both eastern and western lifestyles and cultures, so their colourful personal experiences have helped to free their minds and enhance their improv skills. Most importantly of all, they have helped to bring a lot of fun to their audience. PLUS ONE’s performances are based on audience suggestions, making the audience an essential part of the show. WEIBO: @PlusOneImprov

Taichung Improv has been committing underground acts of improvised comedy out of our top-secret base station in Taichung, Taiwan since 2007.  Sometimes called “When Accents Collide” our agents have been recruited from all four corners of the globe, with each member possessing a strange and wonderful superpower.  If backed into a corner we have all been trained to respond that our favorite color is infra-red, our favorite warm-up Bunny Bunny, and that professionalism is underrated.  Shh… we are sending our finest members to Manila on a covert mission of comedic philanthropy…  Subtext: World Domination! http://www.taichungimprov.net/

Xiamen Improv is China’s first, I mean second, I mean third… let me start again. Xiamen Improv is China’s newest, I mean second newest.. OK, Xiamen Improv is the first improv group in Xiamen. We’ve stolen, I mean harmonized, all the improv games from Manila and added Chinese characteristics. Our guilt now compels us to come back and pay interest on our improv debt in the form of some new improv games that we have invented (stolen from other cities). http://www.xiamenimprov.org/

ZMACK is Shanghai’s Original Comedy Team.  Performing continuously for nearly 4 years, Zmack has entertained thousands in English and Chinese.  Zmack not only provides regular improv comedy shows, but also teaches professional drama and acting classes through Zmack Comedy School, and delivers corporate training via Zmack Business Solutions.  Zmack is also the organizer of the Shanghai Comedy Festival. http://www.zmack.net/

Beijing Improv is China’s oldest and largest Improvised Theater
organization.  Beijing Improv’s Mainstage English Players have
produced widely acclaimed monthly comedy shows – selling out the 200
seat PengHao theater for the past three years straight.  Beijing
Improv’s bilingual workshops are consistently over-subscribed and
their new Bilingual Performance Group is winning rave reviews.
Beijing Improv’s members come from around the world and have been
trained in the best improv schools from New York, Chicago, California,
the UK, France, New Zealand and more.  Beijing Improv is a community
NGO – 100% of all proceeds from Beijing Improv events are donated to
internationally run China-based NGOs. http://www.beijingimprov.org/

The Pirates of Tokyo Bay are Tokyo’s most rad, ribald, rambunctious, really, really, really, ridiculously good-looking improv group! They would be royal, but Japan only has an imperial family. Go figure. They put on English and Japanese shows in Tokyo, give corporate workshops, and have even been known to throw religiously-neutral Christmas parties from time to time. The Pirates have also become a destination for traveling improvisers and have shared the stage with performers from the Upright Citizens Brigade, ImprovBoston, and the Oxford Imps. The Pirates have had tons of fun doing improv in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, and are happier than a kitten on Xanax to be participating in the 2nd Annual Manila Improv Festival! https://www.facebook.com/TokyoImprov

Switch is the newest improv group in Manila, emerging from the regular rookie nights that SPIT would hold at Quantum Cafe. Their participation as an emerging group at the Manila Improv Festival 2013 will be their baptism of fire. Switch consists of improv enthusiasts who would regularly watch improv shows and one day decided to just try it themselves and eventually formed a team. Following the improv principle of “yes, and” – Switch says YES, they will do their first festival, AND they will kick ass (hopefully).

SPIT is the premiere improvisational theater group in Southeast Asia and the producer of the Manila International Improv Festival. With close to five hundred performances in 11 years, SPIT has delighted local and international audiences with their unscripted unrehearsed and totally spontaneous shows. At first glance, these young professionals of different day job categories, would not look like they would ever be friends given different circumstances. One day they found themselves in the same living room at a house in Katipunan and realized that all of them enjoyed having picnics, making stuff up and laughing at themselves. Eleven years down the line, they realized that they enjoyed each others’ company too. http://spitmanila.com/



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